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2,024 Unique Publishers 2,024 Accounts

Download the complete list of publishers that have authorized wmgroup.us via ads.txt. This data set includes two data files:

  1. List off all ads.txt records for wmgroup.us (2,024 records)
  2. List of all unique publishers (2,024 unique domains)
Sample of ads.txt Records Dataset for wmgroup.us2,024 records
057.ua 142088 DIRECT
0629.com.ua 142088 DIRECT
10000paixnidia.gr 142088 DIRECT
10001games.fr 142088 DIRECT
1000heronline.cz 142088 DIRECT
1000paixnidia.gr 142088 DIRECT

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Once your payment is processed you will be redirect to a page where you can download both data files instantly.

How is this data collected?

We are constantly crawling the web looking for ads.txt files. Updated daily. Changes are reflected in 24-48 hours. If are missing any domains you can submit them to us.

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